• The queue of free Fringers filling the pavement outside The Full Brontë‘s salubrious underground venue only adds to the palpable buzz that has been building at this year’s festival around this talented all-female troupe.



Naomi Paxton is one of SLG’s very favourite theatricals: a multi-talented performer and comedian; a fiercely clever and incredibly well-informed academic; a heart-of-gold feminist activist… and much more besides – basically, an all round superhero!

Naomi has brought all these assets and more to bear on her work with SLG, including performing in the boundary-defying Living Literature Walk Stage Rights!, based on The Methuan Book of Suffrage Plays which she researched and edited.  She’s also a regular on SLG’s cabaret tours as a wildly entertaining performer with her somewhat terrifying alter ego and ‘unhinged super villain’ (Diva) Ada Campe Naomi really does have a lot going for her so swing on over to her website to find out more.

All of which is by way of introducing Naomi’s current venture #100TheatreWomen where she and actor Jemma Churchill are compiling a list celebrating women in theatre who have inspired them.  They’re already way up into the 50s shining a light on the awesome likes of Sophie Okonedo and Ellen Terry – what a fantastic venture, how will they stop at just 100?!

Check out Part 1 here, ongoing Part 2 here, and most of all follow #100TheatreWomen to join the fun and make your own suggestions – SLG reckons Naomi and Jemma are well deserving of their own special places in theatre herstory!

PS/ Who’s this at number 36…?