• Rebecca Mordan is no ordinary playwright. Taking artistic vision to a new extreme… Scary Little Girls present Stoker’s masterpiece as a study in female desire. Cue a fresh look at the consequences of the female orgasm… It’s a noble ambition from a writer with a distinctive voice of her own.

    The Ham and High


Much ado about Kernow!

November 12th, 2013

Join quiz mistress and pub landlady Pat Pinch and her lively bar girl Liberty Belle as they take over the London Inn and the Stithians Centre with live music, prizes, audience participation and, of course, a few drinks! Test your team with rounds such as: How local are you?  So down with your town you can almost […]

The Telegraph & The Lady

November 7th, 2013

Two articles about Scary Little Girls have appeared in the national press this month, each highlighting a completely different aspect of SLG and the work we all do. Feminism In London workshop picked up by The Telegraph Written by SLG founder Rebecca Mordan and delivered by SLG mainstay and collaborator Naomi Paxton, we hoped that […]