• Branny’s big number the rap is inspired…and their audience is particularly good. This works as a piece of theatre very well and if you thought free shows meant they weren’t particularly good this blows that away. The integration of music, the audience and performances between them made this easy on the eye and ear. “Highly […]

    Fringe Review

Associate artists

Having started life in 2002 thinking we were a theatre company, Scary Little Girls has, by following its mission statement, really become a production hub for a large core of dynamic, progressive and multifaceted artists.

In aiming to create opportunities, environments and relationships for these fascinating people which best allow them to show the world how completely wicked they are, we have organically become an artists’ support and development network.

The productions and events we are increasingly drawn to creating reflect our interest in the cross-pollination of artists, skills and art forms – we just don’t believe that less is more, we love it all!  Whilst those in marketing constantly tell us to pick one style of work and sell ourselves as such, we just can’t bear to: how on earth could we decide to only develop our gothic work and let all our cabaret nights fold?  Or what about only hosting new music nights and never running a sonnet walk again?  It’s simply inconceivable, especially when our artists are so multi-gifted.  Reducing our programme might make us more marketable, but it also reduces both our output and our artists themselves, who define, design and drive what we do.  We think that would be a form of robbery and in robbing the artists of their role in shaping Scary Little Girls, we rob the world of their stupendous contributions – and we just aren’t prepared to have that on our hands!

But don’t be fooled by the length of the list of Associate Artists.  We have a strict quality control policy and every person listed opposite is a unique creature of talent and integrity who we are proud and honoured to consider a Scary Little Girl.  Please click on their names to find out more about the Associate Artists of your choice.  The list is in no particular order apart from loosely reflecting the length of time the artist has been involved with Scary Little Girls and/or to what degree.

We hope you enjoy reading about them – we certainly love working with them and hope that you will come and experience their work in person at the next Scary Little Happening.