• Rebecca Mordan is no ordinary playwright. Taking artistic vision to a new extreme… Scary Little Girls present Stoker’s masterpiece as a study in female desire. Cue a fresh look at the consequences of the female orgasm… It’s a noble ambition from a writer with a distinctive voice of her own.

    The Ham and High

Dickon Knowles

Dickon Knowles is an illustrator and musician from Cornwall, currently living in London. Due to a lack of any actual musical knowledge (scales and so on) the music he produces as Something Like Kicking Dolls tends to vary in terms of style. The fact that it is nearly all made on a computer helps to maintain a coherent thread throughout, that and the fact that secretly, Kicking Dolls really likes Pop Music…

Dickon graduated with an Illustration degree at the London College of Communication, where he worked on projects involving: Print, Sound, Moving Image, Photography and Painting.  Dickon’s long-standing affiliation with music has seen him play in a number of bands over the last eight years.  He creates music in varying styles ranging from Electronic 8-bit influenced tracks to acoustic and blues.  For Scary Little Girls, Dickon was one of two producers that worked on the songs for The Riot Showgrrrls Club, adding an electronic edge to their classic cabaret sound.  He will continue to work on new songs to be produced for each continuing installment of the show.   Dickon is also part of a musical duo, with Paul Walker, Sound Artist-in-Residence for SLG, that worked on a number of experimental improvised dance and drama workshops, providing improvised sound to add to the performances.  A final outcome of these workshops is currently being written, which Dickon will also be working on.  Aside from sound production, Dickon has created flyer and poster designs for many of Scary Little Girls’ recent productions, including the fantastic Mother Mae I!, Rainbow Tea Party and Living Literature Walk graphics.