• Rebecca Mordan is no ordinary playwright. Taking artistic vision to a new extreme… Scary Little Girls present Stoker’s masterpiece as a study in female desire. Cue a fresh look at the consequences of the female orgasm… It’s a noble ambition from a writer with a distinctive voice of her own.

    The Ham and High

Mission Statement

Scary Little Girls is an artist-lead theatre company with three main objectives:

1. To tell stories and promote characters which are little known, historically or culturally excluded, or usually told from one perspective only.
Due to the nature of our society, this often means that we focus on lost, neglected or misunderstood heroines and the under-represented tales of women and other challenging political groups who for various reasons have struggled to be seen as anything other than “other” in the common perception.

2. To actively promote the artistic work of women in all aspects of theatrical story-telling.
We believe that until women are writing, producing and promoting our culture’s stories, they will never be able to fully inhabit constructive, fundamental roles within these stories. Since the beginning of human development, stories have been crucial in helping us to process and further human evolution and explore and understand the human condition. The female voice is often still absent from our culture’s stories, whether they be told through the canon of English literature or cinemas and televisions throughout the world. It is only by embracing our collective experiences that we can profit by them. Whilst women’s voices are not the only ones excluded from dominant projected culture, we feel that providing a platform for half the species is a constructive starting point for accessing the stories of us all, for us all.

3. To share and disseminate the skills of artists for the benefit of both the artistic and the wider community.
Artists invest a great deal of their time, energy, emotional and physical development and money into their work. This provides them with skills that can be used not just for self-expression and story-telling within the world of art, but for an endless variety of other worlds of human experience and expertise. With this in mind, Scary Little Girls Productions have developed networks with other artistic individuals and groups, with local councils, secondary and primary schools, projects for the young and homeless charities, not-for-profit organisations that campaign for social justice and political change and businesses seeking to improve their customer relations, internal dynamics or public and media image.