• Innovative theatre which became an instant hit at the du Maurier Festival.  Scary Little Girls invented an adventure… actors of the finest calibre suddenly appearing in the most unlikely places and delivering passages from du Maurier’s books.  The research and work that went into this piece of living theatre means that the Living Literature Walks […]

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Past Productions

As an artist-led company, most of our artistic direction is dictated by the interests of the artists with whom we regularly work.  Originally this gave us a strong theatrical inclination but we have come to explore art production across a wide variety of media, including site specific theatre, short films, storytelling, radio shows, literary cabarets, theatrical pub quizzes and beyond.

So many of our the artists we work with have talents and concerns across several genres and boundaries, and one of the things we are most excited about is the new directions in which this constantly pushes Scary Little Girls.

We’re usually too busy creating new work to document the old, so this page is a little rough-and-ready and presents a far from complete picture!  But for now here’s a selection of the sort of shows we’ve produced, many of which have ongoing incarnations on tour or with further plans in the pipeline…

Culling (due 2015)

In a world where a lifesaving cure comes in short supply, a doctor finds herself in the most disturbing moral position imaginable…  Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, SLG is putting the finishing touches to its first short film.

Salon du Cinema (2015)

This unique collaboration – funded by the BFI – between Scary Little Girls, The Poly (Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society) and Falmouth University’s Fashion & Textiles Institute is a celebration of the stars of a golden age of cinema in an intimate series of evenings combining storytelling, performance, presentations and most importantly film.

Jingle Belles (2014)

Roll up and join host Bunny Morethan for a Christmas cabaret of music, games, comedy and special guests!  Expect comedy sketches and stand-up; songs and magic; audience participation and festive giveaways for all.  Scary Little Girls invite you to stay up late and wait for Santa, join in all their reindeer games, enjoy them under the mistletoe, and immerse yourself in the bosom of Christmas – because too much of a festive thing can be wonderful!

Dracula: The Kisses (2014)

Co-commissioned by Cornwall’s iconic Minack Theatre this vividly drawn adaptation is enriched with a wealth of apposite new material… Making the story both hauntingly familiar yet utterly unpredictable as this gothic classic takes off in unexpected and unimaginable directions. Packed with a wealth of vividly drawn and larger-than-life characters (including some who are clearly un-dead) Dracula: The Kisses features a hugely accomplished all-female cast to drive a production that breaks entirely new ground.

A Murder in the Village (2014)

Join us n the trail of Agatha Christie and her beloved creations!  In small groups, you’ll find Christie’s favourite characters hidden in unusual locations and you must work with them to solve the murder in the village.  And along your route, explore Christie’s creative and devious mind and help reveal the murderer!

It’s Your Round! (2014)

Join quiz mistress and pub landlady Pat Pinch and her lively bar girl Liberty Belle as they take over your local with live music, prizes, audience participation and, of course, a few drinks!

Whether you’re a liver-bashing barfly or a strict abstainer; a quiz mastermind or an absolute beginner – Pat and Libby are waiting to treat you to six of the best PUB QUIZ ROUNDS EVER!

Before I Wake (2014)

Before I Wake is a powerful new collaboration between Scary Little Girls and Cornwall Youth Theatre, celebrating 30 years of CYT and marking 100 years since the start of the First World War.  Dramatising the story of the community which lived and worked around Cornwall’s Heligan Gardens,Before I Wake follows the lives and loves of local families as the Great War approaches…

A Scary Little Gathering (2013)

Bringing together the best in Cornish writing and performance, this Heritage Lottery funded collaboration between SLG and Trifle Gathering featured original stories, chilling experiences and Hallowe’en games.

Pens, Paints, Swords and Ships (2013)

The Heritage Lottery funded this intimate, enchanting and unexpected Living Literature Walk to see, hear and experience Penzance as never before, creating a treasure hunt of engaging performances and revelations of the hidden world within the town.

The Ghosts in the Stones (2013)

A site specific performance walk celebrating the history of Asthall Manor, from its beginnings in the 1600s to its life as a World War 1 convalescent home; its inspirational role in the development of the outrageous Mitford family to its re-creation now as on form, the celebrated exhibition of sculpture in stone.

As Well Be Shot As Be Starved (2013)

Based on the 1847 St Austell clay worker bread riots and featuring the talents of Scary Little Girls’ Sharon Andrew as Assistant Director, As Well Be Shot As Be Starved has been developed as part of a larger, Heritage Lottery funded community project.

Stage Rights! (2013)

Celebrating the launch of SLG ally Naomi Paxton’s The Methuen Book of Suffrage Plays, this special Living Literature Walk starting from the historic Theatre Royal Drury Lane engaged audience members in comic and moving moments from the struggle for Votes for Women with pieces both inspired by and directly from the plays and experiences of the Actresses’ Franchise League.

Lights On, Lights Off (2012)

This Christmas, Scary Little Girls will take you into Mousehole Village to discover the secret stories kept by its hearths and harbour, where performers tell tall tales inspired by this unique town and its important role in Cornwall’s seasonal celebrations.

Salon du Chocolat (2012)

An intimate evening of storytelling, celebrating the relationship between famed aphrodisiac cocoa and forbidden literature!  Mouthwatering chocolate treats served alongside secret, banned and scandalous tales from authors such as Lord Byron, John Donne, Angela Carter and Mary Elizabeth Braddon.

The Full Brontë (2012)

Join glamorous host Maria and ensemble cast Branny for a daft literary cabaret full of comedy, music and song in homage to the Brontë sisters and their creations.  Immersive and fun-filled, this evening of wuthering delights features audience participation and plenty of laughter in an intimate and engaging atmosphere.

ShiverSmiths (2012)

Remember how much fun it was to have someone read you a story? Scary Little Girls performers combine intimate storytelling and singing with scares of the season and audience tricks and treats!

In the Footsteps of the Mitfords (2012)

A Living Literature Walk through the experiences, opinions and relationships of the Mitford Sisters – brought to life through their letters, fiction and memoirs.  All in the stunning setting of their childhood home, Asthall Manor, near Charlbury – a private estate opened specially for this event!

Wild Woman’s Hour (2011)

The  multiple award-winning Wild Woman’s Hour radio programme was broadcast on Radio St Austell Bay to great acclaim.  A team of Wild Women from Cornwall came together to research, write, produce and broadcast a live show by women for women.

The Best of Times! (2011)

A dip into the so-high-brow-it’s-low-brow world of SLG’s literary cabarets, this bookish knees-up celebrates and skewers Charles Dickens in equal measures…

The Great Dark Gathering (2010)

You’ll laugh, you’ll quake… you may even do a shake as Trifle Gathering Productions, Scary Little Girls and the artistic community of Penryn invite you to do something wickedly different this Hallowe’en.

We ♥ Earth (2009)

In collaboration with activists from Climate Camp and Plane Stupid, Scary Little Girls presented a Valentine’s afternoon of films, songs, poems and storytelling at the Phoenix Cinema, Finchley, celebrating our love affair with planet earth. We ♥ Earth – love it or lose it!

Littlepalooza! (2009)

In December 2009, Scary Little Girls’ curated our very own festival of theatre, music, cabaret, storytelling and visual arts. Bursting out of the Crypt Gallery on the Euston Road, this eclectic feast showcased the diverse talents of Scary Little Girls’ artists.

Noon of Night (2009)

Hallowe’en 2009 saw the return of our hugely popular boat event, for one night only. Madam Magdalene was your host onboard the Noon of Night on All Hallows Eve for a shadowy feast of music, magic and storytelling.

Suffragettes: 100 Years (2009)

A celebration of the work of the Actresses’ Franchise League.

This joint project with Naomi Paxton displayed readings of plays by members of the Actresses’ Franchise League, supporting talks from leading academics and theatre practitioners and celebrated the launch of a book of the plays, many of which have never been published before.

Dark Fancies (2008)

Tales of twisted humour, luckless love and blood-soaked devotion shared in the most intimate of nocturnal settings: a barge afloat in London’s Grand Union Canal.

The Riot Showgrrrls Club (2008)

Putting the ‘camp’ into campaigning and the ‘heck!’ into hectoring feminist lecture: our pro-sex anti-porn cabaret show took Edinburgh by storm in 2008 – and went on to further acclaim at venues around London, Cornwall and at the 2009 Glastonbury Festival.

Sweet Witchery (2007)

An enchanting evening onboard a canal boat, travelling through spooky tunnels and waterways while listening to readings and poetry on a gothic theme…including works by Christina Rossetti and Joanna Baillie.

Bin The Bunny (2007)

Three short films produced by SLG on behalf of members of Anti Porn UK and the Bin The Bunny Campaign.

The Ladies’ Cage (2007)

Inspired by the life of Anna Parnell, a brilliant young Anglo-Irish woman drawn into political action by the threat of a new famine in Ireland, The Ladies’ Cage tells the story of the 18 months when Anna founded and ran the Ladies Land League, following the banning of the Land League and the imprisonment of the men who ran it.

Maria Stuart (2005)

Two religions divide a people and a land. Two rulers exploit religion to control their people. Terrorists, conspiracies, arbitrary arrest and detention, interrogation and intercepted correspondence – it’s unsettling how human behaviour at the highest level of power doesn’t change.

George & Zippy Do Glastonbury (2003)

This surreal interview was created on behalf of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and was aired on Glastonbury Festival’s Radio Avalon in 2003.

The Kisses (2003)

The gothic classic Dracula is strikingly reborn in a remarkable new treatment.