• Performers Rebecca Mordan and Sharon Andrew are a good double act. They are best when niggling away at each other and are very comfortable bouncing ideas off the crowd…daft, enjoyable and fun. I don’t think I will ever forget the sight of Brannie hurling leaves to Wuthering Heights in a misplaced attempt to recreate the […]

    The Scotsman


Since making the decision to take drama into schools and the wider community in July 2002, Scary Little Girls have worked extensively across London and throughout the UK. Their workshops promote positive behaviour, emotional literacy and cultural entitlement and combat bullying and hate crimes.

Uniquely, Scary Little Girls create bespoke workshop packages for individual schools and community bodies. This means that our work is the most focused and effective available. All our workshop leaders are working, professional artists who receive full police checks and NSPCC approved Child Protection Training when they begin working for the company.

Our Artists include actors, dancers, choreographers, singers, musicians, playwrights, poets, directors, designers, makers, digital film makers, sound artists, fine and contemporary artists, live artists, puppeteers, and popular music artists.

The Creative Producer draws from this wide selection of talented professionals to develop projects in partnership with a school. Each project is developed through on-going communication with the individual school, both written and verbal, insuring a programme that fits exactly, is most effective and whose legacy can best endure. We have had particular success with projects that have brought together various departments or subjects in a school, for example the Heroes project has been developed in history, English and art lessons as well as being delivered to a year group. In our work in secondary schools, we have worked across departments on themes such as women in the Irish Land War and Bram Stokers’ world of medicine, science and the supernatural to create work of which the whole school community can be a part.

We also offer one-to-one Tuition.

For all schools enquiries please contact becca@scarylittlegirls.co.uk.