• Scary Little Girls are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Each year they have found brilliant and innovative new ways to delight capacity crowds. Best of all they are a delight to work with.

    Jonathan Aberdeen, Manager and Programmer, du Maurier Literary Festival

What the pupils say

I liked how you performed to us and how the action took place. I would love for you to come again and do some more acting with us.

I really enjoyed the story and acting in it. I liked Ariel the best and I really liked her butterfly wings. Everyone was great. I hope to do some more acting soon.

I was amazed by your workshop on “The Tempest” because I thought it was very good. I was able to act with you and we were able to work as a team. I felt like a real actor and I would love to do some more acting so I can be a real actor when I am older. I learnt about making up after an argument and will try this if I have an argument.

Thank you for coming to Summerhouse, I really enjoyed being a pirate! I learnt about the story and I took the children’s version home to read and showed my mum. I learnt that we should say sorry after an argument and will try to do this next time I have an argument. I hope you come again.

Dare, Damian, Alfie and Taylor, students from Summerhouse