• This courageous new adaptation of Bram Stokers’ gothic classic features a female Count…there has always been something sexual about blood sucking but Scary Little Girls move things a step further.

    The Camden New Journal

What the teachers say

Thank you so much for the stimulating workshops that you and your colleagues provided. Many of the games the teachers have adapted to further develop children’s teamwork skills. Children in particular loved the way the characters were presented and that they had an opportunity to interact with characters, to be active learners, exploring motives and personalities rather than being passive receivers observing a drama performance.
Ginnette Stevens, teacher and PSHE coordinator, St Josephs R.C Primary School, Highgate Hill, London

I learnt a lot from your session, thank you
Julie Donovan, teacher, Waverley Secondary School, Homestall Road, London

Summerhouse works with primary school children who are at risk of exclusion or have been permanently excluded from school. Many of the pupils have emotional behaviour difficulties and present a challenge to adults working with them. Scary Little Girls worked with two different groups and on each day they involved them all. It was a very positive and relevant experience for the pupils and they thoroughly enjoyed the afternoons. We would love to work with them again.
Kate Walsh, Deputy Head, Summerhouse Primary PRU, Goodrich Road, London

The work you are doing for schools is very original and exciting. It supports the curriculum by bringing Shakespeare alive for the children. I was also please at how the way you develop the work with the children encourages citizenship as well as a love of learning.
Susan Seifert, Headteacher, Montem Primary School Hornsey Road, London

Having Scary Little Girls in school provided the children with a safe, exciting environment to challenge their views and explore options through discussion and descion making. It allowed them to explore their emotions through drama, almost allowing an observers role when they were in masks, that they had made themselves, or in character. This certainly made it easier for some children to consider their words and actions and the effect they have on others.
Eilidh Verhoeven, PSHE coordinator, Boutcher Primary School, Grange Road, London

The children were all very enthusiastic, with even the most shy and reticent children participating fully. The Scary Little Girls were able to encourage thought provoking comments and reflections in a positive, fun and non-judgemental way. It was also a positive learning experience for the teachers who were given activities and ideas that they can certainly utilise again. We would very much welcome the opportunity to work with them again.
Helen Macfarlane, Headteacher, Ludvan Primary School, Penzance, Cornwall

In the Island Project workshop Scary Little Girls used characters from The Tempest  to explore the ideas of inclusiveness and self-worth in  allowing students to participate actively and with increasing confidence.
The difference between assertive and either passive or aggressive behaviour as a means of dealing with emotions and conflict was explored during the workshop using a variety of arts, exercises and discussion techniques to allow participants to experience processing and identifying their emotions.
Our students had great fun and were guided and encouraged to show imagination and creativity in the workshops as a means of exploring and reinforcing a variety of themes which they have also been considering in their PSHE lessons.
Anita Diaz, PSHE Co-ordinator and Assistant Form IV Housemistress, Heathfield School, Ascot