• All involved [in Stage Rights] are accomplished actors, all the pieces teach you something (in an interesting, captivating way!). You never know what’s round the next corner and the time flies by. There’s clearly a lot of heart, soul and passion in this production… It’s a joyous afternoon, both educative and a great deal of […]

    Theatrical Leanings


Scary Little Girls Association specialises in positive behaviour, emotional literacy and anti-bullying work in schools with students of all ages and across diverse art forms.

SLG’s strength comes from our broad range of artists, our excellent understanding of schools and the needs of the whole school community, and our proven track record of bespoke programmes and projects that have taken them back into the schools they work with time and again.

An example of the bespoke workshops we offer:

Our Bodies Rock

“Allowed the children to learn about healthy eating and feel good about themselves…they also ate lots of good food!”

The Heroes Project

Providing children with examples of assertive, rather than aggressive, behaviour and to depict acts of bravery and collective heroism.

The Island Project

Aiming to provide children with life skills of confidence, emotional intelligence and empathy.

The Puppet Project

Programme based on the work pioneered by such groups as the Westminster Domestic Violence Forum and Woman Kind Worldwide. Explores the dynamics of relationships between friends and encourages positive behaviour, empathy and conflict resolution.