• Scary Little Girls insist that Schiller’s themes – asylum, religion and the State and civil rights – still prevail in today’s post 9/11 climate: they’re not wrong… Ryan McBryde’s production opts for a daring time travelling portentousness… like much else in the production it comes to accrue a curious power.

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Read SLG’s Annual Report 2016-17!

We’re really pleased to present our Annual Report for 2016/17, which details all the myriad shows, projects and initiatives we’ve been part of lately – Peter Pan, The Fantastic Anna Maria Fox heritage project, Stories in the Shelves library tour, and loads more.

Underpinning all of SLG’s efforts and relationships are the core principles on which we were founded: to represent and tell stories from those who are marginalised or misrepresented in popular culture – particularly women – and to reach audiences who do not have the opportunity to enjoy live arts, all without compromising on artistic quality. This mission is more important and harder to sustain than ever, but thanks to the support of everyone named in this Annual Report (and many more besides), Scary Little Girls is evolving into an essential crucible for an inclusive future of live arts.

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