• All involved [in Stage Rights] are accomplished actors, all the pieces teach you something (in an interesting, captivating way!). You never know what’s round the next corner and the time flies by. There’s clearly a lot of heart, soul and passion in this production… It’s a joyous afternoon, both educative and a great deal of […]

    Theatrical Leanings

SLG x Stranger Collective

Encounter possibility beneath the billowing smoke of a 1930s steam train…

Eyes meeting over the tops of newspapers. Friendships forged from small talk. Laughs shared as you lurch with the rattle of carriages. Trains provoke chance encounters; encounters that might just change your course – professional, creative or otherwise.

On board a 1930s steam train chugging across the Cornish countryside, Strangers On A Train is a one-day thought festival on the Bodmin Railway, designed to celebrate these moments – and spark new creativity, collaboration and intrigue along the way.

Here’s what to expect, all included in your ticket price:

  • Talks from Annie Atkins, graphic designer for films including Wes Anderson’s Oscar-winning Grand Budapest Hotel, and Simon Cohen, entrepreneur and broadcaster who has spread messages of good working with the likes of the Dalai Lama, the UN and Nile Rodgers. Plus more to be announced soon…
  • A delectable dinner from the folk at The Kitchen.
  • Coquettish cocktails from Tarquin’s Gin.
  • Immersive theatre from Scary Little Girls.
  • Live music, storytelling and a whole host of other experiences yet to be announced…

See you on the tracks.