• John Terry’s rapid, busy direction [of The Ladies Cage] suggests a movement swept up in action… Writer Maureen McManus, pursuing a resolutely feminist agenda, picks some sweet episodes to relate: one in which a soldier offers to marry a Leaguer for munitions information is priceless. The show also benefits from Lucianne McEvoy’s fine central performance […]

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Truro Festival 2014


We’re delighted to be performing again at this year’s Truro Festival, bringing all sorts of shenanigans to the city’s streets, cafes and huts (yes, really!).

Special pop-up stories, songs, fortune telling at festival huts around the city on Sunday 6th and Wednesday 9th April…

Salon du Chocolat
Join us for this intimate evening of storytelling, celebrating the relationship between aphrodisiac cocoa and forbidden literature!  What better place than Archie Brown’s, on Thursday 10th April…

It’s Your Round!
Join quiz mistress and pub landlady Pat Pinch and her lively bar girl Liberty Belle as they take over Lemon Quay on Tuesday 15th April with live music, prizes, audience participation and, of course, a few drinks!

Before I Wake
Cornwall Youth Theatre will be presenting a special series of extracts from Before I Wake for the Truro Festival, on Lemon Quay on the afternoon of Tuesday 15th April.