• This show has a clarity and a humanity, a sensitivity, an intelligence and a sense of humour that are very attractive. The two female performers are full of vitality. It is a ‘musical romp’ and within it all is a message full of life about celebrating ourselves and living life to the full.  See it.

    Musical Theatre Matters

We’re going to make a ‘Culling’…

Dear Kickstarter backers…

You’ve done it! Thanks to you we made our goal and we’re SO HAPPY!

We’re enormously grateful to you for your support and for making this happen for us. It feels so special to be creating this exciting piece of work with the direct support of all our backers.

You’ve been so generous and have given us the means to enter a new artistic medium, which is really exciting. You’ve enabled us to pay salaries, design and create our set, and bring together a fantastic group of emerging and established artists to tell this story in film.

We will be shooting in early December and we’re on target to meet our deadline of March 2014 for the finished product, which is when you’ll get all your rewards.

I’ll keep you posted on how we’re doing on this project blog. Any questions, just shout.

In the meantime, thank you to each and every one of you – you are our arts angels and your generosity is so touching. Thank you for believing in our work.

Much love,

Kate, Rebecca and The Scary Little Girls team